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Critically Despised Movies That Are Actually Great

Published: 02/09/2018

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Film criticism is definitely worthwhile, but let’s be honest here: sometimes critics get so caught up in whether or not a movie is “good” that they stop considering whether it’s fun to watch — and yes, there is a difference. From swashbuckling adventure to action-packed sci-fi, here are some movies that the critics despised, but are actually pretty awesome. If you haven't seen them yet, beware of spoilers ahead...

Hook | 0:23
Alien 3 | 1:46
National Treasure | 3:07
RoboCop | 4:25
The Last Boy Scout | 6:17
Anaconda | 7:48
Snow White and the Huntsman | 9:08
Clash of the Titans | 10:42

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